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Ship a Car Direct


Los Angeles, CA




St. Louis, MO


RoadRunner Auto Transport


Bethpage, NY


A-1 Auto Transport


Aptos, CA


Easy Auto Shipping


Youngstown, OH




Austin, TX




Schaumburg, IL


Direct Express Auto Transport


San Anselmo, CA


Stateway Auto Transport


Buffalo Grove, IL




Zionsville, IN


Sherpa Auto Transport


Charlotte, NC


Auto Transport 123


Baldwin, NY


Reliable Carriers Inc


Canton, MI


American Auto Transport


Weston, FL


Nexus Auto Transport


Chicago, IL




Miami, FL




Peachtree City, GA


Fox Auto Transport


Easthampton, MA


Auto Shipping Group


Tempe, AZ


Mercury Auto Transport


Davie, FL

Ship a Car Direct

Our overall top pick; offering great customer service, a damage-free guarantee, and BBB A+ rated auto transport services.


An automotive logistics and services company focused on solving complex problems.

RoadRunner Auto Transport

RoadRunner Auto Transport is a leading provider of nationwide door-to-door auto shipping.

A-1 Auto Transport

Shipping cars, trucks, motorcycles, freight, heavy equipment, household goods and more.

Easy Auto Shipping

Save time and money with easy auto ship. Get a free auto transport quote online today.


Make shipping big stuff cheap and easy by helping customers directly connect with providers.


With auto transport from Montway, you get top-notch service and convenience.

Direct Express Auto Transport

Top rated Direct Express Auto Transport originated the car shipping quote calculator.

Stateway Auto Transport

Leverage our national network of fully licensed, insured and bonded auto transport carriers.


Reindeer Auto Relocation offers quality transportation services for cars, trucks, or freight.

Sherpa Auto Transport

We are passionate about providing a better experience, and this begins with transparent pricing.

Auto Transport 123

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 with our friendly agents, devoted drivers, and 24 hour service.

Reliable Carriers Inc

Largest enclosed auto transport company, providing vehicle transport & car carrier services.

American Auto Transport

Transport company in USA for all your vehicle transportation, shipping and hauling.

Nexus Auto Transport

At Nexus Auto Transport, we pride ourselves on professional and punctual car shipping services.


AutoStar provides professional, quality-driven and affordable car shipping.


Top Rated BBB accredit automotive transport company. Discounted shipping rates.

Fox Auto Transport

Shipping your car can seem daunting. Let Fox Auto Transport make your experience positive.

Auto Shipping Group

Providing state of the art transportation using skilled staff and equipment.

Mercury Auto Transport

Provide same-day quotes for car shipping and all kinds of vehicle shipping & transport.

Why Hire a Car Shipper That Has Experience With Open Carrier Shipping

  • Professionalism: The main reason to hire an open carrier shipping company is due to the level of professionalism in the company’s staff. Most of these companies have experienced drivers with all the documentation and licenses required to transport the cars. These drivers have also driven for multiple trips; hence they have the experience needed to transport the vehicles safely.
  • Open carriers have advanced resources to handle the job: Most companies have a modern fleet of trucks and trailers to transport the cars to the desired location. They also have other employees experienced in packing the cars.
    Ease of tracking: Most open carrier services understand buyers’ pressures when waiting for the new car to be delivered. They help you reduce anxiety by allowing you to track the movement of the shipment. You can log onto the service’s site to confirm the truck’s location.
  • Accident records: Most experienced shippers have low accident records. This is due to the experience in transporting cars and the level of professionalism by the drivers. Experienced shippers have low accident records and high customer satisfaction levels since all vehicles are delivered without damage.
  • Availability and reliability: Experienced companies have networks in major cities and locations. They will deliver the car to any location. They also have offices in major towns and suburbs, which means they will deliver the car to where you need it.

How to Hire an Open Carrier Car Shipper

Check for companies: The first process is to look for about five to six. We provide a review of the best shipping companies. You can get the companies from us, then contact them to ask whether they have services in your location.

Get a quote: Once you confirm they can deliver to your location, get a shipping quotation from all of them. Next, select based on the prices and discounts. After selecting the company, give them the details and sign the necessary forms.

Inspect the car before loading: When the carrier arrives, have a mechanic inspect the car before loading. You can track the car while on transit to the location.

Delivery: Once the carrier delivers the car, inspect for any external damages before signing the delivery papers. Contact the company to alert them on the damages and discuss the potential compensation in case of any damage. If not, sign the documents and enjoy your car.

What to Look for in an Open Carrier Car Shipper

  • Insurance coverage: Insurance is one of the factors you should consider to ensure the safety of your car. In case of an accident, the insurance coverage will enable you to get a replacement instantly. Ensure the company has accident and shipment insurance or cargo insurance to protect goods on the move.
  • Costs: Before you select any company, you can request shipping quotes from multiple companies. Then you can select companies that offer affordable costs. Check for their discounts and offers and how much they charge per distance. You can do the calculation and figure out how much you will spend.
  • Shipping history: Check for the history of the company and how long it has been in service. Experienced companies should have been in service for more than 10 years. Next, check for their accident records. This will give enable you to calculate the probability of your car arriving safely.
  • Customer services: For auto shipping companies, communication is key to informing customers about their cars. Communication is also key to ensure the customer knows about any challenges, such as bad weather, which may affect the transportation of the cars. In addition, frequent communication reduces the level of anxiety in customers as they wait for their cars to be delivered. The company should have 24/7 customer care service to handle any issues from customers.
  • Customer review: We offer the best reviews on various shipping companies. Select those companies that have more than five-star reviews. You can also check the comments and recommendations of the customers to ensure you’re getting the best deal. You can get these reviews from the company website.
  • Door-to-door services: A good auto shipping company should have branches in major locations nationally. It should have carriers on major roads, enabling you to pick the car in a location closest to you.

Open Carrier FAQs

What is open auto transport?

In open auto transport, the car is carried on a trailer with other cars either packed below or on top. The car is exposed to elements such as the sun and rain.

What is the difference between open and enclosed transport?

In open transport, the car is transported in an open truck trailer, while in enclosed transport, the car is transported in a closed container or trailer; it can either be alone or in the company of other cars. In enclosed transport, the car is not exposed to any environmental conditions.

What is door-to-door transport?

This refers to delivering the car to the closest location to the owner. The company can either deliver it to your driveway if the area has big and passable roads, or the company can deliver your car to the location closest to your house or business.

How much does open auto transport cost?

Open auto transport is the most effective way to transport your car. Since the car is transported alongside others, the total cost is shared amongst the owners. The cost ranges between $800 and $1000, and it depends on the distance covered.

What are the disadvantages of open auto carrier services?

The disadvantage is mainly felt by the buyer and the open auto transporter.

In case of an accident, the liability is high due to the number of damages; hence the transporter will have to pay more for the damages. Besides fastening and steadily holding the cars in position, the risk of environmental factors destroying the cars is high. The impact of the strong winds can easily cause the trailer to sway off the road.

For car buyers, the main risk is the car is exposed to environmental factors. Excess winds may damage the car, and lightning can also strike the car. The possibility of cosmetic damage is low; however, if the damage occurs, it can be extensive since the car is not protected.

What are the advantages of open auto carrier services?

The advantage of open auto carrier services can be felt by car dealers, car owners, and the transporting company.

The main advantage is cost-effectiveness. For car dealers, it’s cheaper to transport multiple cars on one trailer and simultaneously. They utilize all the available space at affordable costs. It also saves time since they can transport the cars at the same time. This enables dealers to fulfill all the orders without delays.

For the transporting company, they can utilize all the trucks available effectively; hence no truck remains idle. The company will easily fulfill multiple orders since the howlers can carry up to 10 cars simultaneously.

For car buyers, the cost of transporting the car is reduced since the cost is shared amongst the vehicles on board. If you’re on a budget, the best means to transport is open auto carrier services. The transport services also offer door-to-door services hence the car will be delivered as close to you as possible.

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We read company reviews to gauge their overall customer sentiment towards their experience.


We contact each company regularly to identify shipment availability & timeframes.


We analyze a companies certifications and unique qualities.


We review their online public reputation on the primary review sites.

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