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Austin, TX


Sherpa Auto Transport


Charlotte, NC


Stateway Auto Transport


Buffalo Grove, IL


Ship a Car Direct


Los Angeles, CA


RoadRunner Auto Transport


Bethpage, NY


Nexus Auto Transport


Chicago, IL


Mercury Auto Transport


Davie, FL




Schaumburg, IL




Zionsville, IN


Reliable Carriers Inc


Canton, MI


American Auto Transport


Weston, FL




St. Louis, MO


A-1 Auto Transport


Aptos, CA




Peachtree City, GA


Auto Shipping Group


Tempe, AZ


Auto Transport 123


Baldwin, NY


Easy Auto Shipping


Youngstown, OH


Direct Express Auto Transport


San Anselmo, CA


Fox Auto Transport


Easthampton, MA


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Sherpa Auto Transport

We are passionate about providing a better experience, and this begins with transparent pricing.

Stateway Auto Transport

Leverage our national network of fully licensed, insured and bonded auto transport carriers.

Ship a Car Direct

Our overall top pick; offering great customer service, a damage-free guarantee, and BBB A+ rated auto transport services.

RoadRunner Auto Transport

RoadRunner Auto Transport is a leading provider of nationwide door-to-door auto shipping.

Nexus Auto Transport

At Nexus Auto Transport, we pride ourselves on professional and punctual car shipping services.

Mercury Auto Transport

Provide same-day quotes for car shipping and all kinds of vehicle shipping & transport.


With auto transport from Montway, you get top-notch service and convenience.


Reindeer Auto Relocation offers quality transportation services for cars, trucks, or freight.

Reliable Carriers Inc

Largest enclosed auto transport company, providing vehicle transport & car carrier services.

American Auto Transport

Transport company in USA for all your vehicle transportation, shipping and hauling.


An automotive logistics and services company focused on solving complex problems.

A-1 Auto Transport

Shipping cars, trucks, motorcycles, freight, heavy equipment, household goods and more.


Top Rated BBB accredit automotive transport company. Discounted shipping rates.

Auto Shipping Group

Providing state of the art transportation using skilled staff and equipment.

Auto Transport 123

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 with our friendly agents, devoted drivers, and 24 hour service.

Easy Auto Shipping

Save time and money with easy auto ship. Get a free auto transport quote online today.

Direct Express Auto Transport

Top rated Direct Express Auto Transport originated the car shipping quote calculator.

Fox Auto Transport

Shipping your car can seem daunting. Let Fox Auto Transport make your experience positive.

Hiring a Car Shipper That Has Experience With Military Vehicles

Transporting military vehicles requires some expertise to get the car to the new military base. You need an experienced auto transport company with experts to handle the vehicle. The military auto transport industry hires qualified drivers and personnel with advanced skills to handle the job. They also have all the needed documentation and licenses to handle your car.

Our company, Best Car Shippers, for example, has handled many cars; yours won’t be the first. We will handle it without damage, and you will get the car in perfect shape. The drivers are also trained on diligence in handling the vehicle. They will give priority to your car’s safety. We also have the required resources to meet the task, and we have the right items to transport all sorts of cars to every location.

Experienced military vehicle shipping services are more concerned with reputation; hence they will not accept any issues that will affect their reputation. At Best Car Shippers, we handle your car diligently and offer the best services, such as tracking services. We value the efforts of our military troops, and we are focused on providing our clients with nothing but excellence.

How Military Car Shipping Works

Military car shipping involves moving POVs from state to state or sometimes overseas. To ship the car, you need to work with an auto transport company of your choosing. If you have sufficient time to relocate, you can drive. However, many veterans prefer their cars transported to the military base on their behalf. After you agree with them, you will get a shipping quote. The best advice is to order a quote from various companies and then compare their price offers.

After deciding on the company to use, you will fill out the form and sign an agreement. You will give them a pick-up date and time. During pick-up time, your trucker or mechanic should inspect the car before loading it to the carrier. After that, you can track the vehicle through the company website or wait for delivery.

You will pick your vehicle at the base you gave the company. You will be allowed to inspect it for any damage before you sign the form and delivery documentation. In case of any damages, you can discuss compensation with the company. If the car is okay, proceed to sign the delivery papers. Ensure you give the company a review for the best services it offers.

What should you look for in a military car shipping company?

  • Military car shipping expertise: Many veterans prefer to transport their POVs using companies with enough expertise and experience. The company should offer you top-notch services by ensuring your vehicle arrives safely to the destination you need it, even if it is overseas. When you’re done with the deployment and want to return home, the company should still meet your needs with unlimited services.
  • Company history: Most military vehicle transport companies have been in the business for more than a decade and have transported all forms of military vehicles. Look for one with years of experience and one that has survived due to commitment and excellent services.
  • Shipment handled: Inspect how many cars the company delivered before you hire it. The top 10 have delivered more than 400,000 POVs to active-duty troops globally. Handling that much cargo gives the expertise needed to handle any car. Select a company that is not new to the business. You’ll want one that has an experienced crew and vast experience handling your type of vehicle.
  • Military discounts: We understand the critical role troops play in keeping the world safe. A solid company will show its appreciation and gratitude by offering military vehicle transport discounts. At Best Car Shippers, we offer discounts all year long, and we don’t restrict savings to active duty personnel. This offer and other shipping deals are available for anyone with military affiliations, even your family members.
  • Low prices: We offer the best prices to military personnel to ship their products globally. You can save up to 20% of the military shipping quote when using military vehicle transport services. You can use the saved amount for services like house renovation and other professional services. We also have loyalty programs that enable you to save money every time you need us to ship your items. We keep records of customers, too; those who seek services frequently get loyalty rewards.
  • Diligence: Military vehicle transport companies should subject their drivers and carriers through rigorous vetting services to ensure they have the best men and women on the job. The drivers should have the necessary documentation to handle personal items and work experience to ensure you get your shipment intact. Time is a critical element in the military; the drivers should work round the clock to ensure your items are picked up and delivered on time.
  • Insurance coverage: The company should have insurance coverage so that you will not bother replacing the vehicle in case of an accident. The insurance provider should take the shortest duration to process the claim and replace the car. Without insurance coverage, the possibility of recovering your vehicle may be difficult. Your insurance company may also refuse to pay because the liability is on the auto transport company.
  • Customer reviews: Customer reviews can give you a glimpse of how the company treats its clients and the nature of the services it offers. The first factor to consider when getting a military car shipping service is the customer review. Check the customers comments about services, ratings, recommendations, and when they used the service. The best companies have good customer services and reviews; hence you can trust them to accomplish the job.


What is a POV in the military?

POV refers to privately owned vehicles. If you’re in the military, moving is part of the job. Sometimes you may change stations, and you want to bring your car along. You will have to hire a military auto transport company to transport your vehicle to the new location.

Does a leased vehicle count as a military POV?

Yes, most leasing companies for military POVs are national; hence they have branches everywhere. Due to this availability, military troops can ship the vehicles to any military base they are relocating to. However, before you transport a leased POV, you must meet certain conditions that must be certified by the military auto transport company. These vehicles are also available for purchase; hence you have the freedom to move them to different locations.

Will the military pay to ship my car?

Yes, the transport of POVs is catered for by the government. The “personally procured transportation” applies to all civilians employed by the government. This act allows military personnel and any other civilians to ship their vehicles to any location at the government’s expense. Once you sign the Attachment K3 and get the signatures of the auto transport company, you will qualify for a refund on the amount you spent transporting the vehicle.

Can you ship a car when you PCS?

When you receive a PCS order, you are entitled to bring your car along. You are responsible for shipping the vehicle at military expenses unless you’re medically unable to drive the vehicle or the order leaves you with limited time to drive the vehicle. The military will pay for the domestic shipment of the car to the new military base. Alternatively, you can drive to the new station to save the amount. PCS auto transportation is also applicable when you retire from the military and have to move from the base to your home.

Which companies have a military discount to ship a car?

Most companies issue discounts for the transportation of military personnel vehicles. However, the levels of discounts vary; some are likely to give more discounts, some will only give discounts to loyal customers. The top companies that issue discounts are A-1 Auto Transport, Amerifreight, American Auto Transport, and Acertus.

How much does a military POV shipment cost?

The cost of shipping a military vehicle depends on factors such as the auto transport company you use. Another factor is the amount of discount offered by the company. Most companies will offer you discounts, hence reducing the price stated on the shipment quote. Most shipping companies will charge between $900 and $1500. The average cost is about $1200.

What’s the difference between a military equipment shipping company and a military car shipping company?

The difference lies in the type of vehicle the company transports. Military equipment shipping companies focus on shipping military vehicles, such as tanks and Humvees. The government owns these military vehicles. The latter transports light vehicles such as bikes, trucks, sedans, and SUVs. These cars belong to military personnel and are not actively engaged in military work other than during free time or for the owners to drive to the job.

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