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American Auto Transport


Weston, FL


Auto Transport 123


Baldwin, NY


A-1 Auto Transport


Aptos, CA




St. Louis, MO




Peachtree City, GA


Auto Shipping Group


Tempe, AZ




Austin, TX


Stateway Auto Transport


Buffalo Grove, IL


Sherpa Auto Transport


Charlotte, NC


RoadRunner Auto Transport


Bethpage, NY


Reliable Carriers Inc


Canton, MI


Ship a Car Direct


Los Angeles, CA


Nexus Auto Transport


Chicago, IL




Schaumburg, IL


Direct Express Auto Transport


San Anselmo, CA




Miami, FL


Easy Auto Shipping


Youngstown, OH


Fox Auto Transport


Easthampton, MA




Zionsville, IN


Mercury Auto Transport


Davie, FL

American Auto Transport

Transport company in USA for all your vehicle transportation, shipping and hauling.

Auto Transport 123

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 with our friendly agents, devoted drivers, and 24 hour service.

A-1 Auto Transport

Shipping cars, trucks, motorcycles, freight, heavy equipment, household goods and more.


An automotive logistics and services company focused on solving complex problems.


Top Rated BBB accredit automotive transport company. Discounted shipping rates.

Auto Shipping Group

Providing state of the art transportation using skilled staff and equipment.


Make shipping big stuff cheap and easy by helping customers directly connect with providers.

Stateway Auto Transport

Leverage our national network of fully licensed, insured and bonded auto transport carriers.

Sherpa Auto Transport

We are passionate about providing a better experience, and this begins with transparent pricing.

RoadRunner Auto Transport

RoadRunner Auto Transport is a leading provider of nationwide door-to-door auto shipping.

Reliable Carriers Inc

Largest enclosed auto transport company, providing vehicle transport & car carrier services.

Ship a Car Direct

Our overall top pick; offering great customer service, a damage-free guarantee, and BBB A+ rated auto transport services.

Nexus Auto Transport

At Nexus Auto Transport, we pride ourselves on professional and punctual car shipping services.


With auto transport from Montway, you get top-notch service and convenience.

Direct Express Auto Transport

Top rated Direct Express Auto Transport originated the car shipping quote calculator.


AutoStar provides professional, quality-driven and affordable car shipping.

Easy Auto Shipping

Save time and money with easy auto ship. Get a free auto transport quote online today.

Fox Auto Transport

Shipping your car can seem daunting. Let Fox Auto Transport make your experience positive.


Reindeer Auto Relocation offers quality transportation services for cars, trucks, or freight.

Mercury Auto Transport

Provide same-day quotes for car shipping and all kinds of vehicle shipping & transport.

Why Hire a Car Shipper That Has Experience Shipping Internationally?

You should hire professional shippers because they have safely transported hundreds of thousands of vehicles. The reputable companies also employ skilled professionals who will carefully manage your automobile. These professionals can also tremendously reduce the risk of accidents.

Experienced shippers have already partnered with international carriers, which means they could substantially reduce the costs of their services. Customers hire these shippers because their employees can handle multiple types of vehicles. These car shipping companies also understand the customs requirements in each country, and the employees are familiar with the kinds of paperwork that’s required.

Experienced car shipping companies can also prevent delays, which gives customers peace of mind. Additionally, experienced shippers offer excellent customer service, and they can answer your questions, describe the shipping process, evaluate the costs of the services and provide the most convenient routes.

International Car Transport Costs

Once you choose a car shipping company’s services, it will charge around $1,200. Sometimes, the shipment may cost more than $5,000. Some companies could provide substantial discounts that will reduce the costs of shipping by approximately 5%. Some companies also offer discounts that benefit students, returning customers, medical professionals and military personnel. Shipping companies often use software programs that determine the length of the route and when the company ships the automobile. Some companies charge approximately $1 per mile.

International Car Transport Taxes

The company may automatically calculate the necessary taxes that could affect the costs of international shipping as well as any international tariffs. Some countries might charge a value added tax of 10%. Over the last five years, however, many nations have substantially reduced the value added tax. If you ship a compact vehicle, the country may considerably decrease the taxes because the automobile could reduce carbon emissions.

International Vehicle Shipping Documentation

Typically, you should have the title of the vehicle, the bill of lading and the vehicle identification number. The company might also request a copy of your identification card. The shipping company will thoroughly examine the bill of lading, and this document can describe the condition of the vehicle, the style of the automobile, the vehicle’s mileage and the aftermarket components. The detailed document may also indicate the name of the owner. The bill of lading often provides your contact information.

How Does International Car Shipping Work?

After you receive a free estimate, the company will dispatch an employee who will pick up the vehicle. The employee will inspect the automobile, gather the necessary documents, answer your questions and describe the shipping process. The employee will transport the vehicle to a nearby facility after evaluating the exterior of the vehicle, the tires, the bumpers and the windows. Next, the company will place the automobile into a secure container. Usually, the customs agents will require a shipping bill, which features an itemized list. The shipping bill will evaluate the features of the vehicle, the value of the automobile, the costs of the services and the necessary tariffs. Moreover, the document may describe the insurance policy that will protect the vehicle.

How Long Does International Car Shipping Take?

Once a reputable company ships your vehicle internationally, the automobile may arrive at the destination within 30 days. The carrier will indicate the estimated time of arrival. Most shipping companies use a GPS that can track your vehicle. When you access the GPS, you can examine the length of the route, the duration of the journey and the destination.

Occasionally, the customs agents will cause several delays. According to multiple surveys, these delays affect less than 10% of shipments. Still, carriers are prepared to handle the unexpected delays. If you experience a delay, the shipping company may provide a rental car, or the company may offer a substantial discount.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Internationally?

Many people frequently use trains that can safely transport multiple types of vehicles, and this method may reduce the costs of the services by more than 15%. Shipping companies also use open containers that could minimize the costs of shipping. Open containers offer less protection than enclosed containers; however, numerous companies have indicated that at least 50% of customers prefer open containers.

Once you schedule a transoceanic shipment, the company can quickly find a reputable carrier that manages many types of boats. The business will load the vehicle into a secure container, and the company can utilize heavy-duty equipment that will place the container onto the boat. These carriers do minimize the costs of shipping, but keep in mind that the transoceanic shipments are more expensive than the overland shipments. Before the carrier determines the costs of shipping, the company will evaluate the length of the route, the size of the vehicle, the condition of the automobile and the design of the container.

What Should I Look for When Shipping a Car?

You should evaluate multiple companies that can transport vehicles internationally, and you should look at detailed testimonials that describe the different car shipping companies. You should also examine the history of each business, the costs of the services, the company’s website, the reputation of the business and complimentary services.

Many customers obtain free estimates that indicate the costs of international shipping. Once you receive several estimates, you can easily compare companies that can transport different types of vehicles. Look for businesses that don’t charge extra fees, and call companies to discuss the types of shipping containers they use.

Before you schedule an international shipment, contact companies that provide expedited shipping. When you choose expedited services, an employee may pick up the vehicle within 48 hours. The expedited services might increase the costs of shipping by approximately $200. Multiple companies have indicated that more than 15% of customers have chosen expedited shipping.

Do You Need Insurance to Ship a Car Internationally?

Most companies will require each customer to have a car insurance plan. Your auto insurance policy can protect the vehicle, offer low deductibles and provide additional services. If your vehicle sustains damage, the insurance company may reimburse you, or the shipping company may pay to have your vehicle fixed. Once you contact an insurance company, evaluate the deductibles, the limits of the insurance plan and the terms of the insurance policy. You should also obtain a document that describes the insurance plan.

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