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Ship a Car Direct


Los Angeles, CA


A-1 Auto Transport


Aptos, CA




Austin, TX




St. Louis, MO


Stateway Auto Transport


Buffalo Grove, IL




Schaumburg, IL


Easy Auto Shipping


Youngstown, OH


Sherpa Auto Transport


Charlotte, NC


Auto Transport 123


Baldwin, NY




Miami, FL


Direct Express Auto Transport


San Anselmo, CA


Auto Shipping Group


Tempe, AZ


Reliable Carriers Inc


Canton, MI




Zionsville, IN


Nexus Auto Transport


Chicago, IL


Mercury Auto Transport


Davie, FL




Peachtree City, GA


Fox Auto Transport


Easthampton, MA


American Auto Transport


Weston, FL


RoadRunner Auto Transport


Bethpage, NY

Ship a Car Direct

Our overall top pick; offering great customer service, a damage-free guarantee, and BBB A+ rated auto transport services.

A-1 Auto Transport

Shipping cars, trucks, motorcycles, freight, heavy equipment, household goods and more.


Make shipping big stuff cheap and easy by helping customers directly connect with providers.


An automotive logistics and services company focused on solving complex problems.

Stateway Auto Transport

Leverage our national network of fully licensed, insured and bonded auto transport carriers.


With auto transport from Montway, you get top-notch service and convenience.

Easy Auto Shipping

Save time and money with easy auto ship. Get a free auto transport quote online today.

Sherpa Auto Transport

We are passionate about providing a better experience, and this begins with transparent pricing.

Auto Transport 123

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 with our friendly agents, devoted drivers, and 24 hour service.


AutoStar provides professional, quality-driven and affordable car shipping.

Direct Express Auto Transport

Top rated Direct Express Auto Transport originated the car shipping quote calculator.

Auto Shipping Group

Providing state of the art transportation using skilled staff and equipment.

Reliable Carriers Inc

Largest enclosed auto transport company, providing vehicle transport & car carrier services.


Reindeer Auto Relocation offers quality transportation services for cars, trucks, or freight.

Nexus Auto Transport

At Nexus Auto Transport, we pride ourselves on professional and punctual car shipping services.

Mercury Auto Transport

Provide same-day quotes for car shipping and all kinds of vehicle shipping & transport.


Top Rated BBB accredit automotive transport company. Discounted shipping rates.

Fox Auto Transport

Shipping your car can seem daunting. Let Fox Auto Transport make your experience positive.

American Auto Transport

Transport company in USA for all your vehicle transportation, shipping and hauling.

RoadRunner Auto Transport

RoadRunner Auto Transport is a leading provider of nationwide door-to-door auto shipping.

What Is Cross Country Vehicle Shipping?

The auto transport industry is made up of different types of cross-country vehicle shippers. Some of these long-distance vehicle transport businesses ship within their state or region. Others ship vehicles from coast to coast or almost anywhere.

A long-distance vehicle transport service assists you in moving a car or truck from one place to another, usually over a long distance. The vehicle transporter can move your vehicle from the city you now live into another, from state to state, or any other destination.

The auto transport service schedules the pickup of your vehicle and loads it to a trailer, flatbed, car hauler, etc. The transport service then takes your vehicle to the chosen location. The process of transporting your vehicle from Point A to Point B is simple when an experienced auto transport company is engaged.

Why Hire a Car Shipper That Has Experience With Cross-Country Shipping?

If you’re planning a cross-country move, you probably have questions about hiring an experienced cross-country car shipper. You probably realize from the start that a car shipper with experience in cross-country shipping is the easiest option. You may have questions about whether an experienced car shipper is the most cost-effective and reliable option.

Available options to move your car include (1) driving the car yourself, (2) hiring someone to drive the vehicle cross-country for you, (3) hiring a driveaway provider, or (4) engaging a professional auto transport company to perform the task.
There are many reasons why options 1, 2, and 3 are less attractive than hiring a professional auto transporter service:

  • Driving yourself from Boston to San Francisco only seems exciting until you get behind the wheel
  • A cross-country drive is expensive after factoring in the costs (You pay for accommodations, food and beverages, and gas. If you own an electric vehicle, you must consider where and how often to recharge the vehicle along the way.)
  • A cross-country tip adds many miles that add to your vehicle’s wear and tear (Eventually, the extra mileage results in extra repair and maintenance expenses.)
  • Personal stress and the need to stay alert on the long drive are considerable
  • Traffic, road and highway repairs, or getting lost along the way may be frustrating
  • Chances of a road accident statistically increase over a long drive
  • Time spent in driving cost country is time you might better spend on personal and work tasks

A professional auto transport company evaluates, hires, and trains professional staff. Their transporters are safe, secure, and well-maintained. Because these transport providers are insured, your car, truck, tractor, ATV, SUV, boat, lawnmower, or other vehicle is protected against damage and theft.

It’s also possible to ship your vehicle to any destination with the country, including, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and other overseas territories.

Hiring an experienced cross-country car shipper may simplify your life and reduce associated moving costs. There’s no need to find a reputable driver or deal with any of the restrictions a driveaway service may impose. Ask for an instant quote to ship your vehicle now.

How Long Will It Take to Ship My Car Across Country?

It’s easy and fast to arrange shipment of your car or vehicle across the country. Your vehicle will arrive on time because a professional auto transport service runs on strict timelines.

In general, the time needed to safely and securely ship your car across the country depends on the travel distance. Depending on your vehicle’s pick-up and delivery locations, it may take seven to 10 days to ship your car across the U.S. Premium services, such as express or expedited shipping, costs more:

  • Expedited shipping is faster than standard cross-country car transport service. If you need your vehicle in a shorter period than the standard transport window, expedited shipping may work for you.
  • Consider the auto transport service’s pick-up window. This is the time the carrier needs to retrieve your vehicle after the pick-up date is scheduled. This pick-up window is typically one to five days. Note that the pick-up window isn’t considered a part of your vehicle’s total transit time. Allow for the pick-up window period when you book cross-country vehicle transport services.
  • Remember that auto transport service providers must factor in safety issues, e.g. weather, accidents, or traffic. Your timeline may change when logistical issues change.
  • Your transport service picks up the vehicle (or vehicles) and delivers it to your destination location. Services are tailored to your requirements. Cross-country vehicle transport services are increasingly popular with customers because it’s the most reliable, convenient, flexible, and safe way to move your car or vehicles from one place to another.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Across the Country?

To answer the question, “How much does it cost to ship my vehicle across the country?” you must consider:

  • The distance between where your vehicle is now and where it’s going to be transported. The greater the distance between points A and B, the more expensive your cross-country car transport costs.
  • The make, model, and size of your vehicle to be shipped also affects the cost of shipping it across the country. In general, a larger or more expensive car model is more expensive to ship between states or across the country.
  • The vehicle’s weight also affects its shipment costs. A heavier vehicle costs more to be transported across the U.S.
  • The cross-country car shipper may cost more or less than other long-distance auto transport services. It’s important to compare cross-country professional shippers because service costs may vary for the same job.

You may select between open and closed transport carriers, too:

  • Open (uncovered) transport is the least expensive way to ship your car across the county.
  • Enclosed (covered) transport is often a better choice when shipping an expensive vintage or luxury vehicle or supercar. You probably wouldn’t want to risk any potential damage to your vehicle by exposing it to weather, road, and other elements. Selecting enclosed transport reduces the chance of damage to glass, paint, or exterior trim.

You may be offered the choice between the transport trailer’s levels or decks:

Choose the upper or top-level because it provides more protection between rocks, debris, or fluid leaks from other vehicles above.

Many people choose the option of open transport because it’s less expensive. Know that your vehicle will be transported without protection from the elements. Open trailer carrier types include:

  • Car haulers: This is the most popular carrier used to move vehicles from one place to another. Car dealers frequently use this least expensive option to bring cars onto the lot. The average car hauler carries up to 11 vehicles, usually cars, minivans, SUVs, and pickups.
  • Flatbeds: This hauler is used to transport vehicles for repair or other vehicles whose dimensions don’t work with standard car haulers, e.g. boats, larger vans, or trucks. Flatbeds usually carry up to 48,000 pounds.
  • Lowboys: These expensive trailers are used to carry farm or other heavy capital equipment that weighs more and/or has larger dimensions.

If you’re offered a choice of open transport, note there are several different trailer types, including:

  • Multi-car tractor/trailers or double-level tractor/trailers are often an economical way to transport your vehicle over a greater distance. The carrier is able to haul a greater number of vehicles as well. These large carriers may not be able to access all residential neighborhoods. It may be necessary for you to meet the transporter driver at the carrier terminal to load or unload your car (“terminal-to-terminal” delivery). This transport mode may also lower your shipment costs.
  • Smaller trailers are often used for shorter or tighter transportation times. These carriers provide greater accessibility and allow for door-to-door pick-up and delivery. These options may increase the cost to transport your car across the country.
  • “Hotshot” trucks or Dually truck and tow trailers transport one or several customers’ shipments and offer expedited and personalized services.

In general, it costs more per mile to transport your vehicle over a shorter distance than it does to ship your vehicle across the country. As questions in the process of requesting a quote for your cross-country vehicle transport needs.

Special Insurance When Shipping Your Vehicle Cross-Country

A vehicle shipping company is required to maintain cargo and liability insurance. This insurance covers damage to your vehicle while it was in transit. This insurance doesn’t cover any loss or damage to personal items left in the vehicle. Remember, remove your valuables from the vehicle before shipment.

The amount of coverage available during shipment varies by the shipping company. It’s important to note that coverage offered by the shipping service might not sufficiently cover your vehicle’s value if it’s damaged or stolen.

Consider the following items as you review your shipping provider’s insurance coverage:

  • Obtain proof of insurance from the cross-country shipper.
  • Recognize the amount of the insurance deductible.
  • Review the damage types covered by the carrier’s insurance.
  • Understand the insurance policy’s limitations.

You should consider buying additional insurance if the policy doesn’t cover the value of your car. If you’re transporting a vintage, expensive, or rare vehicle, additional insurance coverage should add to your peace of mind. However, standard liability coverage offered by the transporter may sufficiently cover the value of an average car, pickup truck, or SUV.

Carefully read the policy’s fine print. Know the types of damages the insurance policy covers and consider its limitations before you sign the transport company’s contract.

What to Look for in a Long-Distance Car Shipping Company

You should consider three important things when you research cross-country car shippers, including (1) affordability, (2) experience, (3) customer reviews, (4) the company’s demonstrated trustworthiness, care, and concern for their customers, and (5) traceability.


Affordability doesn’t always translate to accepting the cheapest quote for cross-country vehicle transport services. Compare at least three transporters’ quotes before choosing the finalist.

The best way to gauge the cross-country vehicle shipping service is to request a competitive quote. Remember, though, to consider reality. If a carrier’s quote is far less expensive than its competition, ask questions. What possible variables can increase the cost of shipping your vehicle across the country?

You should expect a quote that includes the total price for the services you requested to move your vehicle from one place to another. The quote should include insurance, taxes, and any fees associated with the service.

Your quote should include mileage costs, vehicle size, availability (if your route is less popular with the carrier, there could be a delay in shipping your vehicle), seasonality/time of year (if you want to move a vehicle before Christmas or if you’re shipping a car in snowy and ice winter climates, the costs may be higher due to severe weather.


Ask questions about the vehicle shipper’s experience.

  • How many years have they been in business? Check sites like Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau to review the carrier’s experience and reliability. Contact the Department of Transport.
  • Is the carrier registered? Use the carrier’s DOT number and check it at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • Do business with the company only if it’s bonded and insured and has a professional website. Don’t risk doing business with an inexperienced solo practitioner when you need to move your vehicle cross-country.
  • Ask what services the company offers. If you need national transport services, a regional carrier probably can’t perform your job.
  • Ask if the carrier restricts vehicles according to size or type. The answer can save you time.
  • Demand transparency. If you feel that a cross-country shipper is vague about anything, don’t do business with them. Learn about the insurance claim process if your vehicle is damaged in transit. Look for a transporter with round-the-clock 24/7 customer service.
  • Read the contract. Ask questions if the cross-country shipper agent uses words or phrases you don’t understand

Customer Reviews

It’s very difficult for today’s cross-country vehicle transports to avoid negative customer reviews if they’re deserved. Look for customer reviews online if you have questions about the carrier’s performance and customer service.
Always consider the company’s reputation with its customers and don’t choose a company without great reviews. Look for customer reviews on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Yelp, and other social media platforms.

Demonstrated Care and Concern for Customers

Other than your home, your vehicle is probably one of the most expensive items you own. The best cross-country shipping transport companies care for your car, truck, boat, pickup, tractor, or ATV like it belongs to them. They want your vehicle to arrive safely, on time, and with minimal delays. Customer reviews often reflect how well the car shipper treats its customers and their vehicles.

You entrust a prized auto or vehicle to the long-distance car transport service. After hiring the service, you must trust that the carrier will do an excellent job of transporting your vehicle safely and affordably. Trust is built through communicating with the cross-country moving professionals working for the vehicle shipper company. Reviews about the car transport service can also help you to develop a sense of trust in the business.

Regardless of quote costs, don’t do business with a cross-country shipper with negative reviews.


Consider a cross-country vehicle moving service that offers online trackability. A reputable company provides updates by text, phone, or email when any logistical or itinerary changes occur. Trackability also helps to reinforce the provider’s commitment to monitoring your vehicle. This can be especially helpful when you’re shipping an expensive luxury vehicle or irreplaceable vintage or antique car.

Our Selection Criteria:


We look at how long a company has been in business and the types of shipments they do.


We contact each company to learn about pricing, responsiveness, and to gauge the friendliness of their representatives.


We read company reviews to gauge their overall customer sentiment towards their experience.


We contact each company regularly to identify shipment availability & timeframes.


We analyze a companies certifications and unique qualities.


We review their online public reputation on the primary review sites.

We did the homework so you don’t have to

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